The Game

Turbo Battle Arena is a tournament-ready, cross-play enabled 2D platformer.

Deposit the $TBA token and participate in Battle Royale & Team Deathmatch style tournaments to win from reward pools. The gaming platform is built with esports in mind. Create custom rooms and tournaments, invite friends and guilds, and use our built in spectator mode for streaming events

Our mission

To be the premiere eSports gaming destination for fun community engagement and to build out a creator driven marketplace economy.


The model allows TBA to integrate partner project IP, sponsors, and advertising to achieve consistent growth and visibility.

The vision

To build a game that is fun and engaging first, blockchain second. To keep users coming back because of the ability to earn rewards for skillful play. To truly own the in-game assets. And to customize game content and be rewarded for creativity.

The Game

- 2D action platformer, run-and-gun style with melee and long-range attacks.
- Custom rooms for organized play sessions.

- Team Deathmatch [2 v 2 up to 50 v 50].

- Battle Royale [2-100 players].

- Auto matchmaking modes for 10 player TDM or Battle Royale.

- Solo speed run competitions.

- Metaverse with safe explore or deathmatch modes.

- More game styles under development, including racing modes, capture the flag, and pit of death.

The Future

- NFT Integration.
- Guild Management System.
- Free Roam Social Metaverse with customizable apartments.
- Content submission for characters and metaverse decorations.
- In-game marketplace.
- No-code level design tool for user submission.

The token

- Launching on Arbitrum for low fees and fast transactions.
- Deposit $TBA tokens into the game to receive virtual TBA 1:1 for in-game use.
- 0% game deposit tax — 5% withdrawal tax.
- Use vTBA to enter win-to-earn games, purchase in-game items, or to use as prizes for custom rooms and tournaments.
- $TBA will unlock access to the game reward pool for tokens, NFTs, and other prizes.


Users will be able to purchase skins, weapons, and other collectibles to power up in-game.


Meet Our Team






Chief Gaming Officer